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Tony is regarded as one of Australia’s most creative and adventurous exports, with vast experience across the globe. As a drummer, percussionist, improviser, guitarist, video maker and producer, he has been involved in a highly diverse array of projects but is probably best known around the world as a member of the trio “The Necks”.

Apart from The Necks he has played, toured or recorded with Jon Rose, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn, T. Cora, Phil Minton, Haino, Even Parker, The Machine for Making Sense,
Lee Ranaldo, Ne Zhdall, The EX, Clifford Jordan, Ground Zero …

Following studies and early experience in Australia he spent time in Japan, where he formed “Peril” with Otomo Yoshihide and Kato Hideki before relocating to Europe in the mid-nineties.

Some of the more high profile projects he has been involved with include the band Kletka Red, and touring and recording with, among others, The EX, The Exiles, and Corchestra, and involvement with most of the international improvisation and new music community and festivals.

He also creates video works for use with live music performance and has had pieces shown in Tokyo, Belfast, Berlin, New York and Sydney.

Current projects include a LIVE solo adaption of the UNEARTH music, incorporating installations, video, drums and guitar; “Spill” with Magda Mayas; “Transmit” (a guitar driven post-rock project); New York based trio “Glacial” (with David Watson and Lee Ranaldo); “Circadia” (with Kim Myhr, David Stackenas and Joe Williamson); a long standing duo with Axel Doerner as well as a continuing in ad hoc and improvised performance settings.

Selected Discography

The Necks: various releases as featured on
Fish of Milk

Tony Buck solo: Unearth
Room40 (2017)

Kim Myhr: you|me
Hubro (2017)

Trophies: A Family of Three
Unsounds (2017)

Lawrence English: Cruel Optimism
Room40 (2016)

James Welburn: Hold
Miasmah (2015)

Zeitkratzer: Whitehouse
Zeitkratzer Records (2014)

TRANSMIT: Radiation
monotype, (2014)

Trophies: You Wait to Publish
Monotype (2013)

Spill: Fluoresce
Monotype records, (2012)

Glacial: On Jones Beach (LP)
Lee Ranaldo, David Watson, Tony Buck
Three Lobed record, (2012)

Trophies: Become Objects of Daily Use
Monotype (2011)

Everybody Else But Me
Tony Bevan, Matthew Bourne, Tony Buck, Barre Phillips
Foghorn Records, (2011)

Weird Weapons 2
Olaf Rupp, Tony Buck, Joe Williamson
Creative Sources, (2011)

Fennesz, Daniell, Buck
Thrill Jockey, (2010)

TRANSMIT: [projekt]
Staubgold, Vitamin, (2009)

Spill: Gold
Magda Mayas, Tony Buck
Creative Sources, (2008)

The Fell Clutch
Ned Rothenberg, Tony Buck, Stomu Takeishi with Tronzo
Animul Records, (2007)

Tony Buck, Cor Fuhler, Anna Zaradny
Musica Genera, (2007)

Weird Weapons
Olaf Rupp, Tony Buck, Joe Williamson
Emanem, (2005)

Durch Und Durch
Tony Buck, Axel Dörner
Tes/Vitamin, (2004)

Tony Buck solo: Self Contained
Underwater Breathing Apparatus
TES/Vitamin, (2001)

Walter Lampe Trio
Walter Lampe, Joe Williamson, Tony Buck
VIA Records, (1998)

AstroPeril: AstroPeril
Red Note (1996)

Peril: Multiverse
Sound Factory (1995)

Tony Buck solo: Solo Live
Wright Recordings/Vitamin, (1994)

Peril: Peril
Dr Jim’s Records (1993)




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