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Tony has been making and using video for performances since around 1990.
His work has been exhibited or used in live performance in various concert settings in New York, London, Tokyo, Belfast, Sydney and Berlin, a.o.
In recent years he performed larger 3 screen installation pieces, for example with The Necks in the Sydney Opera House and The Hau Theater in Berlin, as well as pieces at Mona Foma in Tasmania.


In and Under

With this piece I was interested in exploring the idea of ambiguity, of contrasting impressions, reactions and energies - of possible narratives and feelings.
Is there a story there, or purely aestheticized image/movement ( dance?) and music/sound (noise?)?
Are we seeing something enjoyable and sensual or experiencing claustrophobia and panic?
Do we feel compelled to extrapolate on the images and movements once they are no longer presented and fill in the details of a narrative that may or may not be present?
In the darkness and noise of the space, is there sensory overload, or depravation?
Or could all these things present at the same time?
I think that this is perhaps what I would have liked to achieve.