Tech List

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To include:

  • 1x 20″ bass drum,
    (optional 2nd 22″ bass drum)
  • 1x 14″ snare drum,
  • 1x 12″ or 13″ rack tom,
  • 1x 14″ or 16″ floor tom,
  • 2x cymbal stands (1 boom),
  • 1x hihat stand,
  • 1x snare stand,
  • 1x double bassdrum pedal,
    (or 2x bassdrum pedals per 2x bassdrum option),
  • 1x pair Hi Hat cymbals,
  • 1x ride cymbal,
  • 1x crash  cymbal.
  • 1x  drum seat,
  • 1x set-up carpet.


Preferred drums: Gretch or Ludwig. Preferred cymbals: K Zildjian.
All coated skins, no pinstripe or smooth heads. No dampening rings or stuffing in bass drum.

PA requirements

Microphones and PA
(as appropriate for the room).
Prefer at least:

  • 2x OH (L & R),
  • 1x bassdrum mic,
  • 1x percussion mic.

No clip-on microphones
on floor tom or snare.

Stage Plan