Peril on SBS (1992)

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Peril were a Japanese/Australian industrial band operating throughout the early 1990s.

Peril was founded by drummer Tony Buck and were active from 1992 to 1996. The music is mostly improvised with Buck’s drum-triggered samples providing a complex rhythmic base, over this is the turntablism/guitar of Otomo Yoshihide and other rock improvised elements from Michael Sheridan (guitar), Kato Hideki (bass) from Japan. Hideki was later replaced by Thierry Fossemalle for the band’s second album. The group recorded and performed internationally throughout Europe and Asia.

Their debut, self-titled album was released on the Dr Jim’s label from Melbourne in 1993, followed up a year or so later with the album “Multiverse” released on Hong Kong based label, Soundfactory.

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