Transmit: Blood (MP3)

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Most Australians would know Anthony Buck as Tony Buck, drummer and percussionist from sublime improvisational trio The Necks but these driving, cyclonic energy tracks from his new album Project TRANSMIT draw more from his rock and industrial/hardcore roots.

These are guitar and drum driven songs based on riffs and rhythm and chiming harmonics that develop and hang in the air like a mantra. Some tracks employ beats and polyrhythmic elements combined to create dark textures, slowly building with the addition of layered slabs of guitar, while others veer towards pop simplicity. With a nod in the direction of music such as My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Shellac and The Cure, African drum choirs, minimalism, noise, no-wave, kraut-rock, and pop (the album even features a post-rock Bob Dylan cover!). Project TRANSMIT is driving, hypnotic, harmonically rich yet simple and direct.

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