2014...trying to keep up to date...!

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2014…trying to keep up to date…!

So, finally after more than a year, I’m trying to get my website up to date.

Haven’t managed to get any gig listings up to date but will do all that soon enough.. I hope.

News is that there is finally the new TRANSMIT record coming out on Monotype records; The Necks just finished a very successful tour of Europe, including collaborations with RADIAN and EVEN PARKER, which went really well; SPILL have a new release with DAMON SMITH coming out on nuscope records; I have a new project called CIRCADIA with David Stackenäs and Kim Myhr, bassist Joe Williamson with whom I hope to tour and record in the new year; I’m about to embark on a tour with HAILU MERGIA again, which i am really looking forward to…. all good things and things to look forward to.

Now lets see if I can keep this page a little more current… perhaps and regular things to do list… that’ll never work.!

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